Looking after your skin for the smoothest finish! 

For 24hrs - 48hrs, avoid getting the skin hot & uncomfortable. That means avoiding the following: sunbeds/sunbathing, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, hot baths & showers (lukewarm is okay), exercise, tight clothing that may cause rubbing on freshly waxed skin, fragranced body sprays, deodorants & lotions.

Wear loose clothing to avoid any discomfort caused by rubbing on freshly waxed skin.

Use a dry body brush or exfoliating mitt in the shower to gently exfoliate the waxed areas.  This will help to avoid ingrowing hairs.

After showering, apply a good quality body moisturiser over the skin to keep it supply and allow the new hairs to grow through.  

Don't shave or use hair removal creams between waxing treatments.  Those hairs may be too short to wax at your next session, ideally they need to be 5mm long.

A range of Outback Organic lotions is available to purchase. Natural anti bacterial tea tree oil, fragranced with lemon myrtle and bergamont, the products are specifically designed to gently soothe & moisturise waxed skin.

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